Dental Advisor Initial Insight Article


Dental Advisor Initial Insight Article

GantGuard Dental and Surgical Bibs
by Dr. Ona Erdt | Posted on October 4, 2019

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How come it never fails that when you are doing endo on a patient they wear black that day or when doing oral surgery they wear white? When doing endo, when I was an assistant and now as the doctor I am hyper aware of that little drip hanging on the end of the syringe full of sodium hypochloride. Are they going to leave with a polka dot shirt or can I whip the syringe over to the tooth in time? Bibs help, but there are always exposed areas as it rotates around on the patient or the shoulders… enter GantGuard Dental and Surgical Bibs.

Here at the Dental Advisor, we recently received GantGuard Dental and Surgical Bibs (Gant Medical). What makes these bib unique? Actually several things. For one, they have a cutout for the neck so they can wrap around and stick onto the patient’s back. This allows for more coverage around the neck and shoulders (where that sodium hypochloride drip is coming around). They are nearly twice the size of a regular dental bib for extra coverage and come in surgical length that actually goes down as far the the patient’s lap! They stick directly onto the patient via an adhesive that does not have strips that need to be pulled off over the adhesive. Finally, they have a very unique delivery system. They come in rolls and can be dispensed from a wall dispenser or a portable box dispenser!


GantGuard Dental Bib
Bib wraps around patient’s shoulders and adheres to their back
Pull apart to activate adhesive, no strips to pull off
Surgical length goes all the way down to patient lap
Pediatric size (thanks Shelby for demoing the kid version too since there were no kids in the clinic that day, LOL!)

GantGuard comes in rolls
Wall mounted dispenser
Portable box dispenser

Neck must be removed prior to placement (left) plastic backing (right)
Adhesive on the bib that gets activated once separated

What were the Initial Insights of the Dental Advisor team?
– Great patient coverage not just length wise but also wrapping around to the patient’s back.
– Neck opening may not be suitable for patients with large necks or patients wearing hoodies.
– Wall dispenser is a fantastic idea!
– Opening the bib to expose the adhesive properly requires some practice. You have to “snap it open” and we ruined quite a few bibs trying to perfect this technique.

What do our Clinical Evaluators and their patients think about this product once it’s used in their offices? Look for a possible clinical evaluation in an upcoming issue!


Cross Contamination Threat from Dental Bib Chains

The article below points out a major concern in the dental industry with cross contamination.

GantGuard™ Dental and Surgical Bibs eliminate this risk by eliminating alligator clips that must be sterilized between use – and eliminate the need for more expensive disposable clips, as well.

Medical products manufacturer to local North American HQ in Forsyth County

Medical products manufacturer to local North American HQ in Forsyth County

Gant Medical, a manufacturer of disposable medical products aimed at the medical, dental, assisted living, long-term and home care markets, is locating its North American headquarters and manufacturing facility in Forsyth County.

The business-to-business company has secured a 42,000 square foot facility on Shiloh Road in South Forsyth and is expected to create more than 100 jobs in the next five years.

According to a press release from the Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce, the new, 100% “Made in the USA” products will be focused on protecting medical and dental staffs and their patients, as well as assisted living and home-care residents and their caregivers, using a patented design, technology, method and application to prevent cross-contamination.

“Gant Medical is a great fit for Forsyth County,” said Robert Long, Vice President of Economic Development, Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber. “We have similarly situated companies nearby, so there is a talent pool of qualified candidates for key positions that will insure this product’s success."

“The CEO of Gant Medical has been a part of the community for quite some time, so he knows what a great decision Forsyth County is for this new venture,” said Forsyth County Commissioner Dennis Brown, District 2. “Their products are truly innovative, and I’m delighted they chose Forsyth County for their headquarters and first U.S. manufacturing facility.”

The company expects to be in production by January 2019, with the sales and marketing launch shortly thereafter across North American markets.

Awarded Winner of the Business World 2016 Company of the Year

Awarded Winner of the Business World 2016 Company of the Year

Revolutionary adhesive napkin company Gant Innovations are celebrating this week after claiming the title Business Worldwide Magazine (BWM) Company of the Year: Tissue and Hygiene Industry Award.

The Leicester-based firm’s efficient, quality and cost-effective solution to a long term problem within their sector saw them achieve a partnership deal with a huge multi-national adhesive company. As a result their product is the first adhesive paper napkin manufactured without silicone tape or reinforcement.

The adhesive paper napkin remains on the user’s lap or clothing when eating and has led to numerous discussions with interested companies in the fields of dental and medical practice, as well as nursing homes, janitorial product, tissues, children’s bibs, automotive and precision engineering wipes. In an independent survey commissioned by the company around 75 per cent of users described the new adhesive napkin as “excellent,” with a further 59 per cent confirming they would purchase the napkin if available.

“Winning this award has put a seal on what we’ve been attempting to achieve for the past six years,” said company MD Gail Shaw. “We’re delighted and hope it’s just the start of what will prove to be an incredibly busy and successful future for the company.”

No tape or reinforcement is necessary for the napkin to work since the adhesive solution activates the minute the napkin is opened. It can also be removed and re-used at a later date. The GANTIK™ product was launched at the Barcelona trade fair in the spring of 2015 and is surging ahead in popularity within the Tissues and Hygiene market, which was valued at around €5 billion earlier this year.

Shaw came up with the idea for an adhesive napkin after watching a TV programme where diners were obviously having difficulty getting napkins to remain put.

“Having watched this awkwardness, and the inappropriate method of keeping a paper napkin in place, it made me think how much cleaner and easier it would be to have a napkin which you could just open and have it stick to you,” she said. “It seems others obviously shared my view.”

A spokesman for BWM praised Shaw and the Gant Innovations concept.

“In a world full of entrepreneurs it’s only the exceptional products which really make it through to the mainstream and Gant’s adhesive napkin we are positive will be one of them,” he said.

“We were really impressed both by the technology itself and all the years of research and dedication that went in to taking this from a concept to a market-ready product. The company is undoubtedly a deserving winner of our Company of the Year Award for their sector.”

More information on the adhesive napkin and Gant Innovations can be found at the website